Nome e Cognome:

Michela Gelfusa

Posizione Accademica:



Ing. Industriale, III piano, lato A, numero stanza 3145/26

Telefono Ufficio:

+39 06 7259 7210


Principale corso di riferimento:

Tecniche Diagnostiche per Reattori a Fusione Termonucleare

Argomenti di ricerca:

  • Laser based diagnostics for Tokamaks
  • Tomography and other inversion problems for thermonuclear plasmas
  • Anomaly detection for the prevention of accidents in complex plans
  • Machine learning methods for physics modelling and data driven theory
  • Causality detection in time series
  • Scaling of engineering parameters for the design of new power plants
  • Remote sensing techniques for environmental physics


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Curriculum vitae Gelfusa

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Lista delle 5 pubblicazioni ritenute più rilevanti per descrivere l’attività di ricerca

  1. Gelfusa M., Rossi R., Lungaroni M., Belli F., Spolladore L., Wyss I., Gaudio P., Murari A. (2020). Advanced pulse shape discrimination via machine learning for applications in thermonuclear fusion. NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS &METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH. SECTION A, ACCELERATORS,SPECTROMETERS, DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, vol.974, ISSN: 0168-9002
  2. Murari, A., Lungaroni, M., Peluso, E., Craciunescu, T., Gelfusa, M., A Model Falsification Approach to Learning in Non-Stationary Environments for Experimental Design (2019) Scientific Reports, 9 (1), art. no. 17880
  3. Romanelli, F., Gelfusa, M., On the optimal mix of renewable energy sources, electrical energy storage and thermoelectric generation for the de-carbonization of the Italian electrical system (2020) European Physical Journal Plus, 135 (1), art. no. 72
  4. Murari, A., Peluso, E., Craciunescu, T., Lowry, C., Aleiferis, S., Carvalho, P., Gelfusa, M., Investigating the thermal stability of highly radiative discharges on JET with a new tomographic method, (2020) Nuclear Fusion, 60 (4), art. no. 046030
  5. Gelfusa, M.,et al, Influence of plasma diagnostics and constraints on the quality of equilibrium reconstructions on Joint European Torus, (2013) Review of Scientific Instruments, 84 (10), art. no. 103508

Nome del gruppo di ricerca di appartenenza:

Elettronica quantistica e plasmi

Nome del laboratorio:

Elettronica quantistica e plasmi



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