The Space Sustainability Center 




The Space Sustainability Center (SSC) of the University of Rome Tor Vergata was created with the ambition to build a network between the 18 Departments of the University, in order to start an interdisciplinary technical-scientific collaboration on the issue of spatial sustainability in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Economics, Mathematical, Natural Sciences, Physics, and Human Sciences.

The Center, at the forefront of the international academic landscape, wants to be the first to imagine a sustainable life in Space by promoting research on the “colonization” of the Moon and Planets in a positive approach, through the study of the scientific, technological and, economic implications, legal and social.

In this perspective, Sustainability of Space must be understood in the broadest sense, not only from the point of view of safety and the problem of space debris but considering the productive activities to be carried out in the space environment, the study of how space exploration is seen, in different cultures, the implications that the “colonization” of Space can have on the human being and on society.

So far, 35 professors and researchers have joined the Center for Space Sustainability, established on 8 March 2021. The head of the center is professor Loredana Santo, who is also head of the Department of Industrial Engineering, administrative headquarters of the SSC.

Among the main objectives of the Center: the carrying out of research activities, seminars, post-graduate training and the dissemination of multidisciplinary knowledge of the different issues related to sustainability in the space sector, through scientific cooperation with national and international institutions (NASA, ESA, ASI, UAESA, GCTC, Research Centers, Universities, public and private industries and companies, etc.).

The main research activities of the Center are:

  • Study of the main space colonization projects and their implications for humans
  • Study of innovative materials and processes for space colonization
  • Space law
  • Sustainable Medicine
  • Astrobiology
  • Space Dynamics Studies
  • Technologies and Applications of Communication and Satellite Navigation
  • Space Remote Sensing and Satellite Monitoring
  • Safety and Security
  • Space Weather

Website :   https://www-2023.spacesustainabilitycenter.uniroma2.it/    under construction