Fabio De Matteis

  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Birth:19/04/1962
  • E-mail:dematteis@roma2.infn.it
  • Room: SOGENE D007


ITA_flag Italian


Fabio De Matteis (19/04/1962), degree in Physics at the University of Rome (1987), Ph.D in Physics from the University of Antwerp (1993). Since January 2001, he is assistant professor at Physics Department of University of Rome-Tor Vergata. From July 2013, he has joined the Industrial Engineering Department of University of Rome-Tor Vergata.

His scientific activity has been devoted to the study of ionic impurities and colour centres in insulators studied by means of several spectroscopic techniques (absorption and luminescence, static and time resolved by ultrafast techniques, Raman). He has investigated the host/guest interaction for cyanine dyes showing photoisomerization properties and for dye molecules emitting in the near infrared spectral region. He has developed a set-up for corona poling and in-situ nonlinear optical characterization of organic and hybrid materials for optoelectronics at the NeMO laboratory of University of Rome Tor Vergata. He has been active in the synthesis and optical characterization of glassy materials produced by sol-gel route containing luminescent and electro-optical molecular impurity. He has competence in the thin film deposition and optical characterization by means of spectral ellipsometry and characterization of guiding properties of confining structures. He has studied solid electrolyte materials showing ionic conduction by means of impedance spectroscopy

He has participated to many national funded projects (CNR, MURST, INFM). He has been local responsible in a STREP project in the framework of VI FP named INDIGO Integrated Highly Sensitive Fluorescence-based Biosensor for Diagnostic applications. He is author of about 60 international publications and one industrial patent. He participate to the PLS (Piano Lauree Scientifiche) MIUR Program aimed to increment the number of students in the scientific Faculties since 2008, playing the role of local responsible for the area of Physics from 2010 to 2013. Since 2012 he has been engaged in the Training Program for Scientific Teacher in the School (TFA).

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