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Ricercatore Confermato


Laurea in Fisica

PhD Università di Anversa (BE) 1993


Telefono: 067259-4521


Stanza: SOGENE D007


Argomenti di Ricerca
Ionic impurities and color centers in insulators studied by means of several spectroscopic techniques (absorption and luminescence, static and time resolved by ultra-fast techniques, Raman);
Impedance spectroscopy of solid electrolyte materials showing ionic conduction;
Synthesis and optical characterization of glassy materials produced by sol-gel route containing luminescent impurity;
Synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization of polymeric and hybrid glassy materials functionalized by electrooptic molecular moieties for optoelectronics. Polar ordering of nonlinear chromophores induced by corona and electrode poling;
Surface nanostructuring (mono and bi-dimensional gratings) in insulating materials (TiO2; TMSPM) by photolithographic techniques, self-assembled photonic crystals;
3D printing and additive manufacturing of bio-polymer scaffolds obtained by one- and two-photon polymerization techniques for tissue engineering;
Optical sensors in the VIS and NIR-spectral range based on semiconductor nanostructures and functionalized metal nanoparticles.


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