Nome e Cognome:

Marco Ceccarelli

Posizione Accademica:

Professore Ordinario in ING-IND/13


ingegneria industrale, paino 1, stanza 1069

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Principale corso di riferimento:

Robot Mechanics

Argomenti di ricerca:

  • Analysis of robot manipulation
  • Kinematics and dynamics of robots
  • Design of mechanisms for robots
  • Design of service robots
  • Design of medical devices
  • Grasping, grippers and hands
  • Experimental testing of robots
  • Locomotion and legged mobile robots
  • Parallel manipulators
  • Exoskeleton mechanisms
  • Design of humanoid robots
  • History of mechanisms and machines

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Curriculum vitae Ceccarelli

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Lista delle 5 pubblicazioni ritenute più rilevanti per descrivere l’attività di ricerca

  1. Russo M., Ceccarelli, M. Analysis of a Wearable Robotic System for Ankle Rehabilitation. Machines 2020, 8(3), 48; https://doi.org/10.3390/machines8030048.https://www.mdpi.com/2075-1702/8/3/48
  2. Marco Ceccarelli, Matteo Russo and Cuauhtemoc Morales-Cruz, Parallel Architectures for Humanoid Robots, Robotics 2020, 9, 75; doi:10.3390/robotics9040075
  3. Michał Olinski, Antoni Gronowicz, Marco Ceccarelli, Development and characterisation of a controllable adjustable knee joint mechanism, Mechanism and Machine Theory 155 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mechmachtheory.2020.104101
  4. Gao Huang, Marco Ceccarelli, Weimin Zhang, Qiang Huang, Design and Performance of BIT Lexochair, a Robotic Leg-Exoskeleton Assistive Wheelchair, International Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2020. Vol.9 Iss.01 No:1000581
  5. Med Amine Laribi, and Marco Ceccarelli, Design and Experimental Characterization of a Cable-Driven Elbow Assisting Device, J. Medical Devices.Paper No: MED-20-1140 https://doi.org/10.1115/1.4049529 Published Online: January 7, 2021

Nome del gruppo di ricerca di appartenenza:

Mechanics of Robots and Design of Service Robots

Nome del laboratorio:

LARM2: Laboratory of Robot Mechatronics